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Home > Free Essays & Book Reports > Mathematics > Absolute Values In Radicals

Absolute Values In Radicals

Absolute Values in Radicals Absolute values in radicals is a very easy concept, once it is mastered. Basically an absolute value is the positive square root of the sum of the squares of the real and imaginary parts of a complex number. An absolute value sign is two straight lines that are place around the exponent to show that the value of the exponent is a positive number. Absolute value signs are needed when there is an even exponent inside a radical and when the square is taken the exponent becomes odd. Then, the odd exponent is placed outside the radical and absolute values signs are placed around it. Absolute value signs are needed because the exponent could be a positive or a negative number. X could be negative number and if it were raised to an even power, it would become positive. But if someone would need to find the square root, the absolute value signs would be needed to show that could be a nonnegative value.

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