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Here you will find the most common questions asked by our customers. The list covers a number of topics, so you will probably locate an answer to your question here. 

For any additional questions, please contact us by visiting our main support page and selecting an appropriate support option.

What do you guys do?

Our company provides high quality example writing service for students of all levels. Here you can order sample book reports, essays, presentations, term and research papers, and other types of projects. We are also ready to help with theses and dissertations.

2. What are your price and delivery options?

Our prices for samples are based on the speed of the delivery. Currently we offer the following standard options: 10-day delivery ($12.95 per page), 8-day delivery ($13.95 per page), 6-day ($14.95 per page) and 5-day delivery ($15.95 per page). If you need a paper earlier, you may also use our express delivery options: 4-day delivery ($16.95 per page), 3-day delivery ($19.95 per page), 2-day delivery ($22.95 per page), and our exclusive 24-hour delivery ($29.95 per page).

3. Who actually writes the essays and reports?

The examples we develop are written by our professional team of superb researchers, writers and editors, who are able to meet your most exclusive requirements and create an excellent essay even on the most specific topic. Many of our writers hold their Masters and PhDs. The editors thoroughly check and revise all written custom essays and reports.

4. Are there any hidden costs?

We do not charge a penny for bibliography or works cited pages. The listed fees contain no hidden charges.

5. How do you deliver the reports? 

Our company uses email as the fastest method of delivery. Once the sample is ready, we send it by email in MS Word attachment.

6. What are the payment options?

Currently we accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, Dinner's Club), PayPal and wire transfers to our banking account.

7. Is it safe to order online?

Our company uses secure server environment (SSL encryption) to assure the most reliable security level for our customers possible. SSL encryption is a method by which information transmitted on the Internet is encoded to prevent theft, or when someone attempts to intercept the data before it reaches its final destination.

8. Do you accept international orders?

We accept orders from any location - USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, Australia, India, Hong Kong, etc. Please keep in mind that our experts can write in different styles as well as use American, British or Australian English languages.

9. In what currency are your prices?

The prices stated on our web-site are in the United States dollars.

10. Where do I find samples of your writing?

Please note: all essays and reports posted on our website are not developed by our writers. The essays are submitted by students who wanted to share their work with other students. Use the samples section to view all writing samples developed by our team. There you will find 3-page abstracts from essays and reports on different subjects. 

11. How to request specific sources?

You may ask our writers to use specific sources while working on your essay. Once you submit the request form, be sure to include the sources you would like us to use in the description field. Please note, if these sources are rare or exclusive materials that are not available online and cannot be found in public libraries, you need to send them to us via fax or other media available. In case you do not have specific requirements as to what sources should be used, our writers will choose what sources to cite.

12. Can I fax the sources to you?

Sure, you can always fax us your preferred sources or additional details about your project. While sending documents, be sure to include a title page with your order number, name, email and phone number so that we could confirm the delivery and locate your project. Feel free to use this fax number for processing - (323) 417-4743 (US).

13. Can I have copies of the sources your writers used?

Our writers can always provide copies of sources used while working upon your essay. However, you should notify us about that in advance (when the order is placed). The articles used are sent via email only. We need to warn you that copies of research materials may not be available if they are requested after the example has been delivered.

14. Can I request specific citation style to be used in the report?

You may always request a specific citation style of your preference while submitting the order. Our writers may use MLA, APA, Harvard, etc. We do not charge extra fees for using specific citation style.

15. What format standards do you use? How many words per page are in your papers?

All essays and reports developed by our company stick to the following format standards: 250 - 270 words per page, double-spacing, Times New Romans 12 p.t. font, one-inch margins.

16. Do you develop dissertations? Can you help with my thesis?

Our experienced writers and editors are ready to help you with most difficult and exclusive projects. We develop dissertations and theses on a number of subjects. For such extra challenging projects the price per page differs. Please contact our customer support directly for assistance regarding graduate- and postgraduate-level assignments.

17. What if I am not satisfied with the report? 

Our team of professional writers will do their best to meet all your requirements. In case you are not satisfied with the final product, you may always request a revision, provided free of charge. You may use this link to submit your report for revision. Once you submit the report for revision, please supply us with exact list of changes you would like to be made. The list will help our writers meet your expectations with the improved version. The revisions are processed as a priority, but usually it takes 2 - 4 days to deliver new version depending on the volume and level of the report.

18. What is your refund policy? Can I have my money back? 

You can always get your money back if our writers have not begun working on your project. Once we have started working on the essay or report, no refunds will be granted. This policy is enforced without exception. If we do not follow this policy, our customers might be tempted to look over the research we made, copy it, and then demand a refund stating that the project we provided was not satisfactory. 

The aim of our business is to provide best quality sample writing service to our customers. Every single member of our staff is focused on reaching complete customers’ satisfaction with each project you order.

19. You develop 'sample essays'. What is meant by the word 'sample'?

Our business is aimed to provide professional writing service that helps students with samples on the topics they need help with. The student who orders an essay with us, may use it as an example while working on his/her assignment. It is not allowed to submit the projects we provide as the clients' own.

20. What is your plagiarism policy?

Our company does not promote or tolerate plagiarism in any way. We develop original and authentic examples for every customer. The essays written by our writers are intended for educational use only.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact our customer support and we will get back to you shortly. 

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